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Whaling er en variant av phishing, som retter seg mot toppledere. Det handler om å lure virksomheter til å overføre større pengebeløp - derav begrepet whaling, dette er phishing mot de såkalte storfiskene. Den vanligste metoden for whaling er å sende forfalskede e-poster fra en toppleder til en økonomiansvarlig. Teksten i e-posten er gjerne variasjoner av følgende: Hei, er du på. Whaling is a form of spear-phishing, a form of phishing which targets a particular individual to gain sensitive personal or business information. The key difference between whaling and spear-phishing is that whaling attacks target specific, high ranking victims within a company, whereas a spear-phishing attacks can be used to target any individual A whaling attack is a type of phishing attack that targets high-level executives, such as the CEO or CFO, to steal sensitive information from a company. This could include financial information or employees' personal information. The reason whaling attacks target high-ranking employees is because they hold power in companies and often have complete access to sensitive data Whereas phishing scams target non-specific individuals and spear-phishing targets particular individuals, whaling doubles down on the latter by not only targeting those key individuals, but doing so in a way that the fraudulent communications they are sent appear to have come from someone specifically senior or influential at their organization

Whaling - What is whaling - How to stop whaling attacks - Phishing Tests - Anti-phishing Solution and Security Awareness Training - Keepnet Lab Whaling is a specific kind of malicious hacking within the more general category of phishing, which involves hunting for data that can be used by the hacker. In general, phishing efforts are focused on collecting personal data about users. In whaling, the targets are high-ranking bankers, executives or others in powerful positions or job titles Spear phishing uses focused, customized content that's specifically tailored to the targeted recipients (typically, after reconnaissance on the recipients by the attacker). Whaling is directed at executives or other high value targets within an organization for maximum effect. Business email. Ved phishingangrep kontaktes offeret som regel via en e-post, hvor avsenderen fremstår som en reell virksomhet, for eksempel en bank. Offeret lures videre til å åpne et vedlegg eller klikke seg inn på en falsk nettside for å logge seg inn, eller oppgi annen sensitiv informasjon, som konto- eller kredittkortnummer. Dette misbrukes siden av bakmennene

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Whale phishing is a term used to describe a phishing attack that is specifically aimed at wealthy, powerful, or prominent individuals. Because of their status, if such a user becomes the victim of a phishing attack he can be considered a big phish, or, alternately, a whale A whaling attack, also known as whaling phishing or a whaling phishing attack, is a highly dangerous and deceptive variation of phishing designed to target high profile executives, or whales, in order to steal sensitive information from a company, as those that hold higher positions within the company typically have complete access to sensitive data Whaling Vs Spear Phishing. Comparing spear-phishing and whaling attacks online. Spear phishing and whaling are similar because these are different forms of online attacks by cybercriminals. The method used for both the methodology is popularly called social engineering. However, there is a difference between both Like all phishing attacks, a successful whaling attempt against a high-profile target still relies on compelling the target, usually under the guise of some urgency.Desired outcomes may include coercing the recipient to take an unwanted action and trigger a wire transfer, for example, or to click on a link or open an attachment that installs malware or sends the target to a malicious website. Whaling attacks work because executives often don't participate in security awareness training with their employees. To counter the threats of CEO fraud and W-2 phishing, organizations should mandate that all company personnel—including executives—participate in security awareness training on an ongoing basis

As the name suggests, whaling attack does refer to targeting a big whale. To put it in simpler terms, it is a dedicated type of spear-phishing attack in which the perpetrator poses as an executive or owner to lure users into revealing sensitive information. Shockingly, the FBI has reported that. Such is the reality behind whaling attacks. Harpooning the Whale. When you come right down to it, whaling is exactly the same as spear-phishing. The only difference is the size of the targets. They are much bigger. In a whaling attack, a bad actor sends out an email to a specific executive officer or senior manager Whale phishing is a type of phishing attack that focuses on high-profile employee targets, such as the CEO or CFO. Since individuals in the C-suite are significant to the company leadership, they are called whales. So, phishing attacks on these folks get called whale phishing As a security professional, you have the mandate of [ How Whale Phishing Works. Urgency: One common phishing tactic is to create a sense of urgency.Whaling attacks are no different. Whaling attacks usually imply massive consequences and a short time frame. Urgency discourages the target from taking time to consider their actions.; High risk / low effort: The attacker may threaten a costly lawsuit or public relations exposure

Phishing attacks are designed to appear to come from legitimate companies and individuals. Cybercriminals are continuously innovating and becoming more and more sophisticated. It only takes one successful phishing attack to compromise your network and steal your data, which is why it is always important to Think Before You Click Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling. Posted by Darril in CASP, Security+, SSCP | 0 comments. If you're studying for a security certification such as the Security+, SSCP, CISSP, or CASP, you should understand the basics of phishing, spear phishing, and whaling.Phishing is the practice of sending email to users with the purpose of tricking them into clicking on a link or revealing personal. Whaling phishing uses the same entry methods as traditional phishing methods: email, malware infected links and attachments, believable email addresses and well-replicated branding and logos. To protect yourself from whaling, you need to be vigilant with every email and mindful of the financial or privacy implications of any response, even to your CEO Advanced phishing thresholds in anti-phishing policies in Microsoft Defender for Office 365. The following advanced phishing thresholds are only available in anti-phishing policies in Microsoft Defender for Office 365. These thresholds control the sensitivity for applying machine learning models to messages for determining a phishing verdict In this Clip you'll learn about phishing, spear phishing and whaling. These are typical email based attacks that hope to con you into revealing sensitive inf..

Whaling Phishing Protection & Prevention. Ater knowing What Is Whaling Phishing, you might think about its prevention and protection. It is very difficult to protect whale phishing, for this, you require an advanced email protection technology or anti-phishing software. It would help you to prevent the whale phishing Phishing, spear phishing and whaling attacks share many similarities - primarily, all three involve using impersonation to elicit information or money from a target. However, they also have some subtle differences to be aware of

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Though vishing and its relative, phishing, are troublesome crimes and sometimes hard to identify, here are some tips from the FTC to protect your identity. Smishing. Just like phishing, smishing uses cell phone text messages to lure consumers in. Often the text will contain an URL or phone number Attack Vectors Phishing,Spear-phishing and Whaling With 91% of all cybercrimes and cyber-attacks starting with a phishing email, a phishing attack is not a question of if - but when. Learn how Perception Point prevents phishing, spear-phishing, whaling, and any other impersonation attacks from getting to your employees' mailboxes. Prevent Phishing Attacks Today The Phishing Challenge [ Unfortunately, phishing attempts in general are on the rise, (not just appearing to come from Rackspace). Here are a few reminders about best practices with email: If ever in doubt (phishing, whaling, spoofing), pick up the phone and talk to the person sending to see if the action being requested via email is legitimate

A whaling attack is essentially a spear-phishing attack but the targets are bigger - hence whale phishing. Where spear-phishing attacks may target any individual, whaling attacks are more specific in what type of person they target: focusing on one specific high level executive or influencer vs a broader group of potential victims Whaling phishing is just one of the many forms of a cyber attack criminals are using. In today's digital workplace, it is key to make sure you and your employees understand what types of cyber attack are out there and how to spot them. Implementing the right security is a must.

Whaling, or whale phishing, is a highly targeted form of phishing directed at high-level executives or people with powerful positions. Using email communications that appear to be from a trusted sender, whale phishing attacks are designed to get an executive to divulge highly sensitive information or to unwittingly authorize a transfer of funds to a fraudulent account Whaling, also known as CEO fraud, is a type of spear-phishing attack that targets specific high-profile individuals: typically board members or those with access to corporate bank accounts. As with other phishing attacks, whaling aims to con victims into downloading malware, transferring money, or parting with sensitive or confidential information by using emails that purport to be from. Whaling Attack is Spear Phishing, in essence, but much more concentrated. It focuses on an individual as the target and gathers information for impersonation. Both rely on social engineering to fabricate techniques that seem legitimate to the target. Spear Phishing focuses on a group of employees that are above the lower-level staff Whaling and spear phishing scams differ from ordinary phishing scams in that they target businesses using information specific to the business that has been obtained elsewhere. The scammer sends a personalised email to either a group of employees or a specific executive officer or senior manager This list defines phishing, spear-phishing, clone phishing, and whaling. If you're reading this blog you probably already know a good bit about security. But for those of you who are just getting started in this field, or those who want to learn a little more about the types of phishing, we've pulled to a list of some of the various phishing techniques currently in use today

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Whaling requires the same sort of protections as other social engineering attacks such as proper malware and antivirus protection, and above all, user awareness. The same techniques used to mitigate spear phishing attacks can also apply to whaling. Spear Phishing vs. Whaling: Comparison Chart . S ummar Whaling. Whaling is a form of phishing that targets specific victims, often the whales of a corporation or large entity such as a CEO, a board member or a wealthy individual. Whaling phishers typically use similar methods as those used in spear phishing. Pop-Up Phishing This interactive training explains what phishing is and provides examples of the different types of phishing, to include spear phishing, targeting specific groups or individuals, and whaling, targeting senior officials. Phishing techniques such as deceptive e-mails and web sites, as well as browser tab nabbing, are discussed One specific and very niche type of phishing attack is known as whaling because of the size (in terms of power and potential value) of the target: business executives. From the phisher's standpoint, it is a much better use of time to target someone within a company that has a high degree of power and/or access to the company infrastructure

Spear phishing and whaling Spear-phishing attacks targeting high-level executives are often known as whale phishing attacks, and usually involve an attacker attempting to impersonate the CEO or. Whaling is the newest and most insidious practice in the hacker arsenal known as spear phishing. Unlike the wide net cast by phishing scams, spear phishing targets specific organizations or individuals. Attackers are after trade or military secrets, financial information, and other confidential data that can be exploited for profit Unlike a whaling attack, spear phishing includes an attack designed for individuals. Also, the attacks are direct and do not include any guidelines from your superiors. However, both attacks rely on cloning to convince victims of legitimacy. While spear phishing yields small gains, whaling phishing attacks target big institutions for massive loots Whaling. With that in mind, what is whaling? The first thing to know is that whaling and spear-phishing aren't actually different practices - they both involve targeting a phishing attack to an individual recipient. What differentiates whaling is that the target is one that has been deemed to have high value Whaling 101 - What You Need to Know About CEO Fraud Email Attacks. If so, you probably already know that you've been the target of an indiscriminate phishing campaign designed to trick you into divulging personal details that can be used to defraud you later. But as the public.

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Denne typen phishing ble tidligere kalt for sosial manipulering (social engineering). En annen variant er whaling - hvalfangst eller direktørsvindel, hvor svindleren retter seg spesielt mot direktører og personer i lederstillinger. Eksempel på phishing. E-posten under er et typisk eksempel på nettfisking This is called Spear Phishing. In both general Phishing and Spear Phishing the phish may be either in the message, or the message will request that the victim click on an attachment or a link contained within the body of the correspondence as in the example above. Similar to Spear Phishing is Whaling Spear phishing targets specific individuals instead of a wide group of people. Attackers often research their victims on social media and other sites. That way, they can customize their communications and appear more authentic. Spear phishing is often the first step used to penetrate a company's defenses and carry out a targeted attack. Whaling What is a Whaling Phishing Attack? Whaling is a common cyber attack that occurs when an attacker utilizes spear phishing methods to go after a large, high-profile target, such as the c-suite. Malicious actors know that executives and high-level employees (like public spokespersons) can be savvy to the usual roster of spam tactics; they may have received extensive security awareness training. Spear phishing: This kind of attack involves often very well-crafted messages that come from what looks like a trusted VIP source, often in a hurry, targeting those who can conduct financial transactions on behalf of your organization (sometimes called whaling). SMiShing: Literally, phishing attacks via SMS, these scams attempt to trick users.

Clone Phishing . Attackers are able to view legitimate, previously delivered email messages, make a nearly identical copy of it—or clone—and then change an attachment or link to something malicious. Whaling . Whaling specifically targets high profile and/or senior executives in an organization Whaling attacks are a very targeted type of phishing attack, and phishing attacks aren't going away anytime soon - they're far too effective. A recent McAffee quiz presented 10 email messages, which were a mixture of genuine messages and phishing campaigns to test business users' ability to detect online scams, and a whopping 80% of participants failed to detect at least one of seven. 3. Whaling. Whaling attacks are even more targeted, taking aim at senior executives. Although the end goal of whaling is the same as any other kind of phishing attack, the technique tends to be a lot subtler. Tricks such as fake links and malicious URLs aren't useful in this instance, as criminals are attempting to imitate senior staff

Phishing and whaling are often the gateways to many different types of cyber fraud. The communication may ask you to enter your username and password, to hack your account and steal data, money, or install ransomware or malware. It may ask you, under the guise of a supplier or senior staff member, to urgently change the bank details of a creditor Whaling. Whaling is again a type of email phishing attack where top officials like CEO, COO, CTO, etc. are targeted. The attacker sends a mail with a malicious link that looks to come from an authentic source. The following are some of the important differences between Spear Phishing and Whaling Phishing and whaling are types of cybercrime used to defraud people and organizations. The average 10,000-employee company spends $3.7 million dollars a year dealing with phishing and whaling attacks alone. It's imperative that all employees of an organization are educated on how to avoid these attacks

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  1. Whaling attacks are really hard to spot. Unlike typical phishing emails which are mass emailed, whaling attacks use highly personalized emails to make them look legitimate. Attackers use spoofed email addresses and actual corporate logos to get you to let your guard down
  2. Whaling is computer fraud aimed at higher level corporate executives, politicians, celebrities, or other high profile individuals. Whaling usually aims to get information like personal or business account passwords through the use of phishing or spear phishing.It is often very targeted to the individual, including their name, company name, job title, or other information specific to that.
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  4. Whaling: After phishing comes whaling, a sneaky attempt by scammers to hijack the personal computers of top-ranking business execs. We explore this latest form of Internet crime that, for a while, even had the security software companies fooled

A whaling attack is a kind of phishing scam and CEO fraud that targets high profile executives with access to highly valuable information. In a whaling attack, hackers use social-engineering to trick users into divulging bank account data, employee personnel details, customer information or credit card numbers, or even to make wire transfers to someone they believe is the CEO or CFO of the. Phishing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and spear-phishing and whaling are more targeted email campaigns. Traditional phishing tries to reach the widest possible user pool hoping that someone will take the bait. Spear phishing and whaling are more targeted because: Spear-phishing is backed by precise information about your organization 10 whaling emails that could get by an unsuspecting CEO Real-life whaling attempts show the intricate changes perpetrators try to make to trick a CEO. More on phishing Phishing emails are a serious threat to businesses; they're responsible for 94% of ransomware and $132,000 per Business Email Compromise incident. How can Phish Insight help you? Trend Micro provides this security awareness service to help your organization resist online scams

Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords Whale phishing, also called whaling, is a spear phishing attack that is aimed specifically towards the most valuable members of an organization, like a CEO or Board Member. If successful, whaling can provide access to tons of sensitive company and customer information Anti-whaling nations defeat proposals that would have allowed for the return of hunts Published: 14 Sep 2018 . Japan's attempt to overturn commercial whaling ban fails

In this course, Cyber Security Awareness: Phishing and Whaling, you will learn how to protect yourself. First, you'll learn about what exactly phishing is before moving on to the various methods of attacks and how to reduce your risk. Next, you'll learn about whaling attacks and what to watch for Whaling. Whaling is the term used when attackers focus their phishing efforts on VIPs such as a company CEO or CFO, celebrities, politicians, or other 'high-value' targets. Hackers will go to much greater lengths than usually conducing research into their behaviours, interests, and circle of trust. Vishin The obvious goal to a phishing or whaling attempt is an immediate financial gain. However, an advanced persistent threat can do much more damage. In this scenario, a bad actor gains access to an organization's network by confiscating credentials. Once inside, they can find and extract data while remaining undetected for long periods of time

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  1. Wikipedia states whaling refers to spear phishing attacks directed specifically at senior executives and other high-profile targets. In these cases, the content will be crafted to target an upper manager and the person's role in the company
  2. g 40% of employees with little or no phishing awareness training regularly failed during simulated phishing campaign and assessment tests
  3. Phishing is a type of email fraud that aims to steal information and whaling is a form of this scam, but it aims for big fish. Whaling cons aim to steal resources from a company by learning about key personal and imitating them in emails. You need to protect your company against whaling
  4. Whaling is another evolved form of spear phishing. It refers to phishing attacks aimed at senior executives and other high-ranking personnel within organizations
  5. Spear Phishing And Whaling. Depending on how influential the individual is, this targeting could be considered whaling. Whale phishing, much like spear phishing is a targeted phishing attack. Whale phishing is aimed at wealthy, powerful, or influential individuals

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  1. What Is Spear-Phishing? What is Whaling? What is Whaling? Be Safe. Infosec IQ awareness and training empowers your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure at work and at home. Teach employees to outsmart cyberthreats with over 2,000 awareness resources and phishing simulations
  2. Whaling specifically targets the management or executives in a company — the 'big fish'. These are usually the people who have the most authority and the most access to sensitive business information. Read more about phishing. How it works. Like phishing, spear phishing and whaling are email scams, but they're much harder to spot
  3. Spear Phishing. While traditional phishing uses a 'spray and pray' approach, meaning mass emails are sent to as many people as possible, spear phishing is a much more targeted attack in which the hacker knows which specific individual or organization they are after. They do research on the target in order to make the attack more personalized and increase the likelihood of the target falling.
  4. When talking about phishing & whaling, many people think of fishing, sea, wind and adventure. Hardly anyone thinks in the other direction: fishing and catching. In the IT world, phishing & whaling have more to do with the last-named. In this article, we explain the difference between phishing and whaling [

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  2. Whaling is used when a high-ranking manager is taken into sight. And as experiments suggest, such profiles can even be more susceptible to such attacks. At the same time, these attacks are difficult to detect because they are often prepared in detail over the long term. Meanwhile, there are also services to implement spear phishing on a large.
  3. Spear-Phishing Case Study; Spear-Phishing and Whaling; What is Whaling? Cybercrime at scale: Dissecting a dark web phishing kit; Lockphish phishing attack: Capturing Android PINs & iPhone passcodes over https; Top 9 Phishing Simulators [Updated 2020] The Most Common Social Engineering Attacks [Updated 2020] 4 tips for phishing field employees.
  4. Whaling Phishing. Cyber Attacks / Cyber Security. What Is Whaling Phishing Attack: Prevention and Protection 2020. If you want to know what is Whaling Phishing attack, then here, you will find the complete information regarding this attack
  5. Whaling, in essence, is a kind of spear phishing aimed at targeting the top-tier users: C-level executives, business owners, investors, and such. Information in the whaling phishing email is more tailored to a high-ranking executive. Generally, whaling is related to financial, legal, or media inquiries
  6. Whaling is targeted phishing aimed at big targets, such as CEOs or politicians. More effort is put into this kind of phishing attack, yet the rewards are potentially huge. Clone phishing is a sophisticated attack which intercepts genuine correspondence

whaling phishing. September 20, 2020 September 20, 2020 Uncategorized. Ater knowing What Is Whaling Phishing, you might think about its prevention and protection. Spear phishing is often the first step used to penetrate a company's defenses and carry out a targeted attack Get the CIOs and the other executives accustomed to somebody coming to them that they don't necessarily know very well and asking for very, very important and confidential information. The more work you do up front with your executives, the less opportunity the bad guys are going to be able to score on this phishing and this whaling expedition Phishing, vishing, smishing, pharming. The main goal of these attacks is the same - to fetch confidential information, mainly through redirecting users to fake websites. But this is done in different ways: via e-mail, phone calls, SMS, in pharming - by using the DNS cache on the end user device

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Where whaling emails used to be not much harder to identify than their less targeted phishing counterparts, recent adoption of fluent business terminology, industry knowledge, personal references and spoofed email addresses have made sophisticated whaling emails difficult for even a cautious eye to identify Whaling is an effective form of phishing where scammers post as senior staff, often C-level executives, exploiting the psychological tendency to conform to authority. Using the name of a senior executive, the hackers email employees from a fake domain name that appears legitimate and request confidential data The Whaling attack is a kind of spear-phishing attack that a hacker targets a high-level executive like a C-level employee, e.g. a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and ventures to manipulate them using social engineering techniques. The intention of whaling can vary from high-value money transfers to trade secrets

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Spear phishing is an email or electronic communications scam targeted towards a specific individual, organization or business. Although often intended to steal data for malicious purposes, cybercriminals may also intend to install malware on a targeted user's computer Spear-phishing vs. Phishing. Spear-phishing can easily be confused with phishing because they are both online attacks on users that aim to acquire confidential information. Phishing is a broader term for any attempt to trick victims into sharing sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and credit card details for malicious reasons These spear phishing messages target the individual and their role in the organization. For example, whaling attacks often come in the form of a fake request from the CEO asking the HR department to change their existing payroll details to those set up by the phisher. Board members are also targets for whaling because they have a great deal of. Spear phishing: An attack of this kind often involves very well-crafted messages that come from what looks like a trusted VIP source, often in a hurry, targeting those who can conduct financial transactions on behalf of your organization (sometimes called whaling). SMiShing: Literally, phishing attacks via SMS, these scams attempt to. Whaling takes the flaws of phishing and refines it to trick people into doing what the hacker wants. The main problem with regular phishing is that they tend to be ineffective. The public has become efficient at spotting a phishing attack, so they're not as effective as they once were

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Whaling, Phishing for Executives. Whales are big fish and just like whaling, cyber attackers are going after the big fish of your company — the executives. Whaling phishing emails target high-level decision makers, such as CEOs and CFOs. Like spear phishing, whaling is targeted specifically for those individuals and that company The next level, 'Spear Phishing', is more targeted. They already know your name and other details and will use that to gain trust. 'Whaling' takes this to the next level, where the fraudster will impersonate the business owner or a senior director requesting urgent action, for example an invoice payment via email Phishing (pronounced like fishing) is a cybercrime that involves the fraudulent use of electronic communications to dupe or scam a user into giving confidential information such as passwords, credit card information, and usernames

What is a Whaling Attack (whale phishing)? Prevent & ExamplesSocial engineeringMascot, Noah, Explains the Email Fraud, Phishing & WhalingWhat is Phishing and How can you Avoid it?Security AwarenessScam Of The Week: *Another* New CEO Fraud Phishing WrinkleWhaling • Definition | Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon
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